Polishing Cream and Brightener x2

Pink Polishing Cream and Brightener Gift Pack
SKU: PinkPol2

Give a gift and have one for yourself.

Limited Quantities.

If you have been to an AQS Quilt Show, you have most likely seen Something New Jewelry Cleaner. You know we recommend this product if you have some tough oxidation or need a little bit extra something to clean that necklace or get into crevices on a ring, etc.

The kit includes the following: 1.5 oz. polishing cream & 2.0 oz. cleaner/brightener

Basic Facts about this product:
• All natural cleaner for silver, gold, brass, copper & semi-precious stones such as opals, pearls, turquoise, lapis, etc.
• This two - part set should last about 1 ½ years or more with normal use
• No alcohol or chemicals

The main causes of oxidation: oxygen, dampness & moisture and air pollution