Siesta Charm School Lesson 9 - Diamond Rects

Siesta Charm School Lesson 9 - Diamond Rects
SKU: SCS09TUDiamondRects

Siesta Charm School is available for shops, Certified Instructors or groups participating in the 13 month program of Tucker University. Please contact or for more information.

This charm is exclusive to Siesta Charm School and may not be purchased by the general public.

However, 12 of the 14 charms for Siesta Charm School are only available through Siesta Charm School. A verified 13 month Tucker University enrollment is a required as well as application to Siesta Silver Jewelry as a wholesale customer in order to purchase exclusive Siesta Charm School charms.

This item will always say "Out of Stock" on this page; however, plenty of charms are available. Call or email Karla at 269-548-7300 or for an order. Online wholesale ordering will be available in the future.