Sterling Silver Siesta Convertible Bangle - Small

Sterling Silver Siesta Silver Convertible Bangle - Small
SKU: BConvSmall

This bangle measures about 17cm in circumference including the spacer bar. The spacer bar is included. More spacer options are being designed.

Make it simple: Keep the silver spacer bar and wear it as a bangle. (Great option if you hands are too big like mine to slide a traditional bangle over.)

Make it fun: Load it with quilt block charms and spacer beads fr a little sparkle and jingle.

Make it sophisticated: Create a signature piece with a gorgeous detailed Fordite pendant.

One bangle, so many options!

Available in Medium right now and Large in late September.

Note: this item will ship in late September. Through September 30, the Siesta Connector will also be included at no additional charge ($14.95 Retail Value). This connector allows the interchangeable center piece of the bangle to double as a pendant.